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Casa das Caldeiras um patrimônio cultural que oferece eventos diferenciados.

arte, território, patrimônio. e agora pessoas.

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at Casa das Caldeiras during Tempo Forte with the participation of the Chinese artists DingHao, ZhangWei, YangLiu, ZhaoYanan, ChenwenLing and YuGao

First put forward in The World Needs Better Economic BRICs by the American economist Jim O’Neill in 2001, BRICs refers to rapid emerging economies - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Sharing a lot in common, the BRICs are all ancient countries with a rich cultural heritage and in a fast growing and transforming economic era, during which they have acquired specific development modes. And “walking” comes to designate the changes, development and uncertainties going along with the process.

The changes occurring in the five countries have brought about not only global transformations but also changes to individual lives that undergo ups and downs in the social development and form their own unique and rich life experience. Such social background will be the best ever cradle for artistic creation, for the richness, compatibility and uncertainties implanted in it will undoubtedly ignite the infinite creativity seeded in an artist.

Our current art education is imitated from European and American mode, which is very powerful and has absolute authority. All the art galleries from such as New York, Paris and London, are all speaking of a history of art, and formed a monopoly of culture and a monopoly of voice around the world. We need to balance this cultural uniqueness, with more cultural language that has not formed a monopoly pattern to create art.

Walking BRICs is planned to be shot in the five countries one after another from the second half of 2015 to the end of 2016, the program spanning one and a half years. Four different groups of artists will be assigned to Brazil, India, Russia and South Africa for artistic creation, exchanges and shows. The last stop will be in Beijing for a summary exhibition.

Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism mingle together over the entire traditional Chinese philosophy. The concept of Sunyata from Buddhism, benevolence, honesty and the idea of going into the society from Confucianism, and harmony between man and nature from Taoism are the core values for individuals to settle down and get on with their pursuits to explore the ultimate values of life and harmonize the seemingly opposite values in mind.

The program Walking BRICs will be shot in 5 parts according to the culture characteristics of each BRICs country, and the first four parts revolving around the themes of Land, Water, Fire and Wind being made in Russia, India, South Africa and Brazil. The last stop for the program will be held in China’s Capital Beijing featuring the theme Emptiness. Emptiness is not equal to nothing, rather it refers to the state from a material world to a spiritual world, and it clings neither to the present nor to the established materials. Instead, Emptiness opens up to infinite possibilities and creativity.

Walking BRICs is a modern art program, but we will minimize the “planning elements” for it so as to turn the unexpected and the uncertainties as the theme. For example, the program content, participants, dialogue partners and how to exhibit the program will be arranged with more randomness. Walking BRICs, instead of ending up a planned program plus finishing shooting it, is going to show every second of your life in the optimal artistic state.

The program Walking BRICs shot in Russia revolves around the theme of “Land”, because Russia has vast land. Most of Chinese artists have read Tolstoy's novel, studied Repin's painting, listen to music of Tchaikovsky. Chinese artists, who are now going to feel Russia’s broad and profound, create on the land.

The program Walking BRICs shot in Brazil revolves around the theme of “Wind”, which comes and goes without a trace or shadow; however, everyone feels its presence and strength without being able to catch it. The Samba of Brazil, full of vigor, hotness and vitality, the innumerable Brazilian football stars and the superb coffee, all of which are the aspirations of Chinese artists, who are now going to feel Brazil’s vitality and create like the wind.

In India, the theme is “Water”. Water symbolizes wisdom, harmony, reincarnation. India is a country with multiple religions. Indians like meditation. Ganges River is the holy river of India, which is believed to wash away the dirt of soul. The visit of Chinese artists to India is for the art creation in a state of self-purification and the exchange of contemporary arts.

In South Africa, the theme is “Fire”. South Africa is famous for diamond. The formation of diamond is related to the movement of volcano. The scene of  volcanic eruption is spectacular and vehement. But diamond is cold and elegant, like cold fire. It is the spirit of perfect combination of extreme coldness and extreme heat, also the symbol of the land of South Africa.



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