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call for projects 2017

launching Ongoing Artwork Projects [English]



Jan 01, Wednesday

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call for projects 2017
Ongoing Artwork Projects
Artistic Residency Program and project realisation accompaniment.
The Ongoing Artwork projects Program, values the artist's process in the course of the development of his or her work with the site, holding as challenge the dialectics between Art and Heritage that the Casa das Caldeiras singularly propitiates.
The program consists of Artists’ Residences, by means of logistic, administrative and project structuring follow-up, fomenting a context for knowledge, methods and impressions exchange between the residents.

1- Accompaniment 

Administrative / Logistics
Working together with the coordination team of the Cultural Association Casa das Caldeiras for the project developpemnt (ex : mounting budgets, communication of the project).

Nature of support
Rehearseal and presentation spaces (in close relationship with the Casa das Caldeiras cultural and events schedule)
Lodging, food and local transport (only for the selected artists living and working outside of Sao Paulo city).
Visibility residents projects (in the context of programming TEMPO FORTE*, held in the Casa das Caldeiras).

2- Candidate profile

Artists, groups, collectives and individuals researchers with a project, working in the field of contemporary art, citizenship and desiring to develop a project through a process of artistic residence in non-traditional space, open to the multidisciplinary, the meetings and multicultural exchanges.

Who can apply
Artists, groups, collectives and individuals researchers with project, living and working in Brazil or abroad. The application can be accompanied by proposals for workshops and lectures. It has no limit on age.

Method of Selection
> The jury composed of a pre-selection committee is brought together March 20, 2017.
> The final decision belongs to the Casa das Caldeiras board, it brought together March 24, 2017.

3- * TEMPO FORTE: Performing residents projects (experimental form). The aim is to create a space-time for dialogue exchange and transfer of knowledge between the residents artists, culture actor’s  and the audiences.


(1) the application form (attached and typed);
(2) Statement of suitability testifying created by the project sent to the jury;
(3) Letter of engagement on total availability in participating in artistic residency, during the requested period;
(4) Letter of motivation (1 page Maximum);
(5) Artistic Project (3 pages Maximum);
(6) Curriculum Vitae detailed;
(7) Technical data of the project included material list requerid (optional).

Catalogues, Photos, CD audio, DVD and CD-ROM (MAC/PC compatible), Publications, Clippings, Press articles, etc.
call for projects 2017

POSTAL ADDRESS: Program Obras em construção
Casa das Caldeiras – Avenida Francisco Matarazzo 2000 Água Branca
CEP 05001-200 São Paulo SP Brasil  TEL/FAX : 55 (11) 3873-6696


Deadline for receipt of the Application and the documentation : March 7, 2017.

The notification of the selected projects (and not selected projects) will be made solely by E-mail on March 31, 2017, no results will be provide by telephone
A single application file by artist, group, collective and researcher will be admitted.

All questions about the call for projects will be answered only by E-mail.  

All texts should be typed in portuguese, or in french or in english.

All visual and sound documents sent for consideration of the project could be removed only in the office of the Casa das Caldeiras.
The Cultural Association Casa das Caldeiras is not responsible for theft, loss or degradation of the documents submitted by the candidate.

For whom?

Artists, groups, collectives and researchers individuals with caring project, living in Brazil and abroad, working in the field of contemporary art and desiring to develop a project through a process of artistic residence in non-traditional spaces, open to multidisciplinarity, the meetings and multicultural exchanges.
It has no limit on age.


•           January 3, 2017 / Download the application form on the website:  

•           March 7, 2017 / limited date of receipt of the application

•           March 31, 2017 / communication of the selected projects - and not selected - via E-mail; no results will be communicated by telephone.
•           Beginning of residency : 03.04.2017 & Finish of residency: 30.11.2017

Contact: Associação Cultural Casa das Caldeiras. Avenida Francisco Matarazzo 2000 Água Branca 05001-200 São Paulo SP Brasil
TEL: 0xx 55 (11) 3873-6696
Email :   Internet :  
Casa das Caldeiras network’s member : CCR , freeDimensional , ArtFactories , RESARTIS , APT

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